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By: Bank of Baroda
Thu Dec 24, 2020
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Unfortunately, disasters have been a growing phenomenon in the opening decades of the 21st century. Over the last few years the frequency of such global incidents are on rise. However, a slew of startups have emerged in recent years to help enhance communication during such times.  

One Concern, “Resilience-as-a-Service” startup combines data science and disaster research for better decision-making, as well as RapidSOS, which connects emergency responders directly to networked devices. Machine learning technology allows them to predict what will happen in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster. In the case of earthquakes, first responders will know where to conduct rescue missions and who needs the most help. It also allows them to construct disaster relief shelters before calamities take place. The US-based startup One Concern has developed a platform to predict natural disasters that helps first responders and local authorities in emergency  by using layers of complex data and drawing relationships between numerous data points to map the impact of natural disasters. 

An Amsterdam-based startup, Tsar AI developed OPTOSS AI product suite by Opt/Net BV that  uses  geospatial Earth Observation Data provided by satellites. Tsar AI helps emergency and disaster response teams work quicker, smarter and more effectively. It allows for automated detection and quantification of all relevant changes  in all-weather conditions, regardless of cloud cover or time of day. The technology also has applications for the defense and security market, where large-scale analysis of land and sea surface are required for timely detection of important developments. 

Hungarian startup, SaveSarah has developed a real-time incident command platform for first responders.  The startup’s solutions include live mission tracking, real-time first responder collaboration and drone integration for disaster response teams. SaveSarah also allows command centers to replay missions to identify bottlenecks or solve pending disputes. It is the first truly mobile incident management platform with drone integration. SaveSarah enables emergency management teams to gain situational awareness - see which areas have been searched through by ground teams and drones. 

HW Design Labs, a Kochi-based startup, has developed Eeezee Bus, a mobile app-based location warning system, through which stranded people could identify the location of nearby rescue teams and communicate with them during floods. The app is useful in isolated areas as it works using radio signals and does not need internet connectivity. 

Disaster and crisis management have become more important than ever with both the public and private sectors pitching in solutions to stay ahead of the problem. One of the objectives of    startups is to make end-to-end drone software solutions which can be used by any disaster response force of the world. 

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