AI-based Retail Traffic Counters (ARTCs)

By: Bank of Baroda
Thu Dec 17, 2020
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The process of counting store traffic has rapidly evolved over the past few years. ARTCs are AI-integrated cameras that accurately count the store traffic. Usually installed at the store entrance, ARTCs map the headcount of people walking in a store and automatically calculate the exact footfall count.

Thinkpoint a Mumbai based fast growing Retail Analytics organization redefines retail insights by leveraging next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), RFID, Near Field Communication (NFC) and CMS-based dynamic Digital Signage. Advanced ARTC cameras like the ones offered by Thinkpoint integrate an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine at the backend and go one step further – they not only provide the accurate count of people visiting a store at any given point of time but also provide the visitors’ demographic details like their gender and age group.

Norway based RetailFlux, is the revolutionary retail analytic platform for brick-and-mortar retailers. RetailFlux provides complete set of retail analytic products with superior accuracy in the form of innovative visualizations. Their product includes People Counting, Heat Map, Shopper Flow, Route Map, Zone Analysis, Queue Monitoring that unlocks the power of in-store video. The solution is engineered using video processing, cloud and big data technologies. More than just documenting what happens inside the store area, RetailFlux uses videos to boost marketing efforts, improve revenues and turn any retail business into a success story. With RetailFlux, retail store owners and managers are able to see the clear picture of their in-store operations, including shopper flow, dwell times, store traffic and category penetration rates. The software’s unique analytics approach enables retail store owners and managers to monitor and assess the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. RetailFlux also helps users identify flaws and glitches in their in-store design and arrangement, devise and execute better product placement strategies and arrange resources to influence and empower in-store shopper actions.

Brazilian startup Decision 6 is a retail analytics platform developer focused on brick and mortar stores. Their analytics solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to track the flow of customers in and out of a store. This information is then used to optimize single store operation and also compare the footfall data among different stores to measure their performance.

With the advent of AI-based Retail Traffic Counters, retailers no longer have to solely depend on their store staff for actionable intelligence. Technologies such as these have time and again proved to be far more reliable when it comes to providing accurate information on customer behaviour that in turn helps retailers take proactive action to improve their stores’ performance.

Credits : Akhil Handa

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