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By: Bank Of Baroda
Tue Nov 24, 2020
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Technology has revolutionised the music industry and the way we interact with it on a daily basis. From the way music is created to daily insights about your song’s popularity, tech has disrupted music and is bringing new benefits to musicians and listeners.

Audigo Labs is an information technology company that features a software application platform that specializes in audio recording. Customers can use Audigo’s smart microphone and mobile app to capture great sounding audio & video and edit with simple to use tools and effects. Audigo transfers and synchronizes the captured video and audio into a single format.

Stockholm-based startup, Amuse, provides a free music distribution service allowing undiscovered talents to deliver music online free of charge, while monitoring the data connected to every song and album distributed through its platform. Amuse also analyses music consumption and listening habits and identifies upcoming talent. Another start up unearthing talent is Katch. Katch shares music previews, without disclosing the artist, for 15 seconds each. If the user likes it, information on the artist’s name, title and cover photo will appear and they can be added to playlists or get further promotion. The platform features over 250,000 titles of independent artists for those open to new musical experiences.

In the present times, reaching audiences has been made easier with data analytics. Vienna based ForTunes develops a data analytics service helping music creators and their representatives engage with their online data. The musician needs to connect all the social media profiles. The platform then collects and visualises data on the music. Insights provided by the platform includes list of online listeners and there online music activity. Blogging and referencing by listeners with reference to the music, on social media platforms, is captured by the platform to gauge and take steps to increase popularity.

Music without fans is meaningless. Fans are the heart and soul of the entertainment industry. Being a music fan these days isn’t about ticket stub collections and shelves of CDs. It’s about being there. Whether that’s in an artist’s Instagram live story or backstage at their concert, Fanaply makes this possible. Fanaply creates blockchain enabled, interactive digital collectibles for the music, sports and entertainment industries. The Fanaply asset ecosystem empowers teams, artists, festivals, brands and other stakeholders to connect and reward their core audiences, driving new levels of fan engagement.

Engagement with fans is assuming new forms with modern technology and start up innovations. Start-ups are getting audiences closer to the artists making the engagement more immersive and enjoyable.

Credits : Akhil Handa

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