Yoga and AI

By: Bank of Baroda
Tue Nov 10, 2020
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Artificial Intelligence is influencing multiple aspects of human life. The technology has touched almost every industry be it the medical application, mobility, healthcare or retail. And now, AI has made its way to the fitness industry.

Generally, when it comes to fitness, a lot of people think about diet, cardio, gym, and the most popular option of all, yoga. Yoga has been the most favoured one because it doesn’t only benefit young adults, but also the people who are old. Now, even if one thinks they are doing yoga accurately, there is no way of telling whether the asanas performed have the right postures. Zenia , a start-up founded in Belarus, makes up for all the above problems using AI in order to help people find accurate ways to perform the asanas. Zenia is a virtual yoga assistant which uses machine learning and movement recognition technology to guide people through their exercises.

Zenia guides step by step, explaining the exact way to stand or bend for a particular position. It also tells the user the exact feeling one should have during the exercise with voice-controlled commands. Zenia uses the neural network and classic computer vision algorithms, with a 95% accuracy of recognition of asanas, which includes a data set of two hundred thousand images. This dataset acts as trainer for the neural network and therefore is the most important aspect of the app.

Closer home an Indian startup called Wellnesys is making use of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things to give a unique experience to its users. They have integrated technology with Yoga and developed a mat called the YogiFi which is powered with IoT, AI and ML. The mat is designed and created in such a way that when the user steps onto the mat it tracks all the yoga asanas, calculates the strength, flexibility of the user and the body vitals, provide real-time correctional feedback and even guides one to perfect every posture without using any non-intrusive method like using a camera. Further, the AI platform on the cloud selects a lot of data from the mat and wearables and correlates them and provides feedback on the benefit of his Yoga practises and vitals correlation.

Yoga has been taking the world by storm for quite some time now. Capitalising on yoga’s worldwide popularity with the help of AI can further unlock the potentially undiscovered health benefits.

Credits : Akhil Handa

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