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Bank Of Baroda with Spice Agile Platform of MCA

Instant Account Opening

Instant Current Account

Current Account opened and allotted at the time of incorporation of Companies. The same is conveyed via e-mail/SMS.

No Minimum Balance

Elimination of seperate registration

Automatic registraton of current account number for GSTIN,EPFO & ESIC. No need to deal with different government authorities for various registrations

Banking solutions at a single touch

Anywhere Activation & Minimal KYC

Enable your SPICE+ Current account in any branch of Bank of Baroda with Minimal KYC documents.

Payments & Ticket Booking

Priority Customer Care Channel

Dedicated Customer Care Channel created for MCA SPICE + enabled Companies for guiding and understanding their financial requirements.

Q : Can the MCA account be rejected/Cancel

A : No

Q : Account opening formed to be filled

A : The account Opening Form is to be completely filled up and completed in every aspect.

Q : Documents obtained from Customers

A :
  • Branch to obtain self-attested KYC documents of the Directors authorized to operate the account along with their address and identity proof, the photograph and obtain the signature at the prescribed place in Current Account opening form.
  • The operation instructions should be adhered to strictly.
  • Branches also to obtain necessary documents for address of the company in case there is difference in the registered office address and communication address.
  • Obtain the board resolution of the company authorizing Directors of the Company to individually or jointly operate the account along with their specimen signatures.

Q : What is the first step for availing the Incorporation services through SPICe+ Web form?

A : SPICe+ Web form is a post-login service and existing registered users would need to login into their account using their credentials. New users are required to create a login account first before using the service.

Q : Is Opening of Bank Account mandatory for all companies incorporated through SPICe+?

A : Yes. All new companies incorporated through SPICe+ (w.e.f 23rd February 2020) would also be mandatorily required to apply for opening the company’s Bank account through the AGILE-PRO linked web form.

Q : What is Part A of SPICe+ and can the same be filed separately?

A : Name(s) of a company can be reserved in Part A of SPICe+. In case the applicant wants to apply for name, incorporation and other integrated services together, he can do so together by filling necessary information in Part A and Part B.

Q : Will Zero Filing Fee be applicable for Companies getting incorporated through SPICe+ with Authorized Capital up to INR 15,00,000?

A : Yes. Companies getting incorporated through SPICe+ with an Authorized Capital up to INR 15,00,000 would continue to enjoy ‘Zero Filing Fee’ concession.

Q : How many times changes/modifications to SPICe+ (after generating pdf and affixing DSCs) can be made?

A : Changes/modifications to SPICe+ (even after generating pdf and affixing DSCs), can be made up to five times by editing the same web form application which has been saved, generating the updated pdf affixing DSCs and uploading the same

Q : How many times changes/modifications to SPICe+ (after generating pdf and affixing DSCs) can be made?

A : Changes/modifications to SPICe+ (even after generating pdf and affixing DSCs), can be made up to five times by editing the same web form application which has been saved, generating the updated pdf affixing DSCs and uploading the same

Q : What is the procedure after filling the SPICe+?

A : No. Registration for Profession Tax shall be mandatory through SPICe+ only in respect of new companies incorporated in the State of Maharashtra w.e.f 23rd February 2020.

Q : Is Registration for EPFO and ESIC through SPICe+ shall be mandatory for all new companies incorporated all over India?

A : Yes. Registration for EPFO and ESIC shall be mandatory for all new companies incorporated w.e.f 23rd February 2020 and no EPFO & ESIC registration nos. shall be separately issued by the respective agencies.

Q : Is it mandatory for every subscriber and/or directors to obtain DSC now?

A : Yes. In case number of subscribers and/or directors to eMoA and eAoA is up to twenty and all such subscribers and/or directors have DIN/PAN, it shall be mandatory for each one of them to obtain a DSC

Q : Under which role DSC needs to be associated for First directors not having DIN/subscribers?

A : First directors not having DIN/Subscribers having PAN shall associate their DSC under 'authorised representative' by providing their PAN. Once DIN is allocated for first directors post approval of SPICe+, DSC may be updated against DIN by using 'Update DSC' service.

Q : What is the sequence of uploading linked forms to SPICe+?

A : SPICe+---->e MOA[if applicable] ----> e AOA[if applicable] ----> URC-1[if applicable] ---->AGILE-PRO[mandatory in all the cases] ---->INC-9[if applicable]

Q : Is it mandatory to apply for PAN and TAN along with SPICe+ (INC-32)?

A : Yes

Q : What is the Fee payable for PAN and TAN?

A : For PAN-Rs.66 and TAN-Rs.65 becomes payable.

Q : On approval of SPICe+ how PAN & TAN is communicated to the user?

A : On approval of SPICe+ forms, the Certificate of Incorporation (CoI) is issued with PAN as allotted by the Income Tax Department. An electronic mail with Certificate of Incorporation(CoI) as an attachment along with PAN and TAN is also sent to the user. Further PAN card shall be issued by the Income Tax Department.

Q : Whether fee towards PAN and TAN is payable separately?

A : A : No. A consolidated challan gets generated at the time of filing SPICe+(INC-32) which shall contain applicable fee towards
(i) Form Fee
(ii) MoA
(iii) AoA
(iv) PAN
(v) TAN

Q : Please provide the contact details of officer responsible if PAN Card is not received by the user?

A : After receipt of Certificate of Incorporation (with PAN indicated therein as allotted by the Income Tax Department) in case of non-receipt of PAN card, stakeholders shall check the status at www.TIN-NSDL.com

Q : Are AO codes for PAN and TAN different? Where can one find these AO Codes?

A : AO codes for PAN and TAN are different and can be found at links below. Please do not affix or suffix zeros to AO codes.
AO Codes for PAN
AO Codes for TAN
AO code for PAN for Dilshad Garden area in Delhi is DEL W 64 1 while AO code for TAN Delhi is DEL W 391 1

Q : What is the mode of grievance redressal?

A : In case of technical problems i.e., form upload, pre-scrutiny errors, DSC related, payment related queries, please raise a ticket on www.mca.gov.in/myservices and await a resolution. You may also call up Corporate Seva Kendra at 0124-4832500 after 48 hours if ticket is not resolved. In case of resubmission / rejection remarks, please contact 0124-4832500 and select option 1 for CRC. For escalation you may send a mail to crc.escalation@mca.gov.in

Q : What if an applicant for allotment of Director Identification Number (DIN) has been identified as a potential duplicate in SPICe+?

A : If SPICe+ form is filed containing details of a DIN applicant who has been identified as a potential duplicate following message shall be displayed along with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options- “The system has identified applicant(s) as potential duplicate because the contents are matching with an already filed DIN application form. Please ensure that no DIN has already been allotted to the applicant. If you still wish to continue say ‘Yes’. Please note that DIN application shall be approved only after due verification by MCA “. If the user selects ‘No’, then the filing of eForm shall not be allowed.

Q : Error displayed while resubmission of forms mentioning ‘Form is not Pre-scrutinized’.

A : For successful resubmission of forms, please ensure that all the forms required to be filed as linked forms to SPICe+ are also regenerated by clicking on ‘Submit’ button and fresh pdf is downloaded even though no changes are made in such web-forms. System shall not allow to submit old pdfs that were downloaded and submitted in any earlier filing.

Q : Subscriber sheet is missing in e-MoA form even after filling all details in web-form. Unable to find place to affix DSC.

A : Please install ‘Acrobat Reader DC’ in order to download/ open pdf

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